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Wellness is the concept of a healthy lifestyle based on a combination of a proper diet, reasonable exercise and giving up bad habits. This concept provides active longevity and spiritual well-being for people who consciously care about their health issues. 


Cellulite. How to deal with ‘orange peel’ skin?

Cellulite – a terrible word that doctors use to call an intense accumulation of fats (lipids) in the subcutaneous fat cells. Cellulite doesn’t start out of nowhere: Lipids accumulate in the tissues for a long time, and then are filled with toxins that prevent normal circulation of fluids. As a result, they are not removed from the body so continue to grow and then are sealed and locked into separate zones. Over time, the effects of this transformation become visible even to the naked eye and deliver a lot of discomfort.


To learn if you have cellulite: squeeze the skin between two fingers on your thigh, if the changes have already begun, you will see the characteristics of an ‘orange peel’. Beauticians and doctors consider 4 stages of cellulite development, each of which carry unusual changes and their subsequent symptoms:

1.     Preliminary stage of cellulite – Slows down the flow of blood, lymph and liquid. No obvious signs of it yet, but increased swelling and slight bruising can be apparent. There is a need for preventative methods at this stage.

2.     The primary stage of cellulite – Disrupted blood and lymph flow, resulting in the cells gradually accumulating toxins. The skin becomes less elastic and pale, there are cold spots present.

3.     Micro nodular cellulite development – Excess lipids grow into clusters, increased swelling and worsening microcirculation. High spots, dents and irregularities visually noticeable. Capillaries are visible in problem areas.

4.     Macro nodular cellulite development – Lymph stagnation and deterioration of the venous outflow in the affected areas, painful knots are formed, hardening of the skin.


A successful treatment – a carefully chosen comprehensive programme. All methods can be divided into several categories:

1.     Exposure in the form of massages and wraps by using a variety of mixtures (algae, sugar, honey, chocolate, mud, etc.). and essential oils which are the most common.

2.     Patients are often prescribed supplements that increase the effects of treatments for cellulite once they get into the bloodstream. It is recommended to combine them with the wraps and exercises.

3.     Figure correction by using technology for lymphatic drainage against cellulite. The most popular are the LPG Endermologie (vacuum effects, vibrations and kneading) pressotherapy (by using compressed air), micro current electrical stimulation (devices are utilised that generate electrical impulses), electrolipolis (using a current with frequency variables).


To slow down or even stop the process of cellulite is not easy but can be done by everyone if sky-high goals are not set: for example, ‘quickly and permanently cure cellulite using ointment and pills’. First of all, you need to have a mind-set for a long and hard journey. Doctors at our club will carefully choose the most effective method of treatment for you after the diagnosis of the body as a whole.