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Wellness is the concept of a healthy lifestyle based on a combination of a proper diet, reasonable exercise and giving up bad habits. This concept provides active longevity and spiritual well-being for people who consciously care about their health issues. 


AQUATICS. Surfing in the swimming pool!

SUP Surfing – is one of the newest water sports, which originated at the beginning of 21st Century. Its founder Rick Thomas suggested this pastime on water if there are no suitable surfing waves. Since 2003, competitions began to be held in Hawaii for this type of sport and in 2012 everyone knew about it in all corners of the world.

SUP-Surfing classes are unique in their ability to support and train the muscles of the whole body as you have to pull the paddle and keep a balance on the board. For those who want to lose weight without exhausting diets, SUP-surfing is a great option for water based training, including in the pool!

Yoga and fitness seem to be very popular on an unstable board. Vigorous performance of asana in water burns 400-500 calories in an hour of workout and paddling on calm waters – 300 calories. With such training, weight loss is safe and natural to the body.

Training on a SUP-board develops flexibility and coordination, improves posture, strengthens the musculoskeletal system with minimal stress to the joints. Balance training affects the proprioceptive receptors, which are responsible for the sense of balance and respond to changes in body position. They are located in the joint capsule, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Through training of these receptors, you will get an excellent coordination and will feel your body better in space.

Sport doctors recommend exercises on the board as a means of rehabilitation and recovery after injuries to the knees and hip joints. Minimum pressure on the joints at a controlled muscular pressure will quickly and safely help to restore the form without disturbing the damaged organs.

The sound of water relieves stress, ‘turns off’ voluntary attention and at the same time ‘turns on’ the brain’s passive mode that activates the creative and cognitive abilities.

There is no need to pressure yourself to work out in a stuffy room, when you can achieve the same effect feeling the freedom that SUP-surfing offers you!