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Wellness is the concept of a healthy lifestyle based on a combination of a proper diet, reasonable exercise and giving up bad habits. This concept provides active longevity and spiritual well-being for people who consciously care about their health issues. 


Rejuvenation. Say no to wrinkles!

The process of aging of the skin is natural and irreversible, especially the skin on your face, which is very vulnerable, because it suffers from exposure to sunlight, gusts of wind and at times, frost. Gradually, it loses its elasticity and freshness.

The first signs of ageing are shown through wrinkles which eventually become deeper and more noticeable. In addition, ageing is accompanied by dry skin, change in complexion, appearance of ageing spots, enlarged pores and a decrease in skin elasticity.

Each age period has its own characteristics, knowing which can help you choose the most effective measures to delay the aging process. Usually, they are divided by decades: 

25-35 years – the maintenance of the natural processes of the skin by providing nutrients for it through daily care to improve firmness and elasticity, and preventative measures to prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles.

35-45 years – the main task is to intensify the internal resources of the body and help in self-healing by providing intensive and regular care, which activates cell metabolism and tissue regeneration.

45-55 years – it becomes more relevant to provide additional supply of nutrients and oxygen, professional skincare to maintain its elasticity, fight dryness and pigment spots.

Over 55 – the most important factor here is the comprehensive complex skincare to mitigate the effects of ageing. 

There are also general guidelines for skincare that are relevant at every age:

·         always drink up to 2 litres of fluid per day

·         eat properly and regularly take vitamin supplements

·         maintain a healthy lifestyle and actively exercise

·         try as much as possible to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, do not get involved with sunbeds.

·         When choosing a cosmetic product or getting a treatment, you must clarify your skin type. The use of products that do not comply with your skin type can significantly accelerate the processes of wrinkle formation, dryness, peeling, which will only increase the ageing process

·         Use cosmetics which are all from one brand, that complement each other’s actions and allow you to perform a comprehensive skincare. Experts advise to change the creams after 3-4 months of using them to avoid habituation and diversify the range of active ingredients that nourish the skin.

·         Before you sign up for a cosmetic procedure and decide what exactly to use, you need a consultation with a dermatologist and cosmetologist – all these professionals are present at our club.

Skincare is important at any age. All the efforts and time you dedicate will depend on how you look in later years and how early wrinkles will start to appear.